Miss Ally 

  She will serenade you in the moonlight,
Where your body shivers beneath the glimmer of bite
Listen to your blood lose its’ mind 
Demons etch the walls of darkness 
Stand still in between the click of time
Dawn a thousand horizons 
In your arms, she will lust 
Feed, feed off your fear

Savages ready to combust 
Life is not what it appears
Fog filled bar rooms
Candlesticks and brooms
Where the devil takes your air 
Curls, strands of hair
Breaths, dark as smoke
Dreams that make you choke 

“I stole the purity to her life
Fucked Ally, made her my wife. 
Planted him in her womb
Reality unchained, Ally became my tomb 
Walkers of night, deaf without sight
Her soul belongs to me
Graphed as she begs and pleas”

Ally sits at the bar 
Voices inside her head
Scripture recited and read
Slow sips from a goblet
Knowing she has to be the one to kill
To feed, strengthen his will


*photos taken from internet

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