Feeding Time

As it seems, this little story of Ally is still in me. Read the first two here…  Miss Ally’s Masquerade and Miss Ally


Ally stirs the goblet rim with a finger
Glazed eyes watch, hungry wolves circle around her
Patiently wait for a sign, for she is their prey
For tonight she is the hunted,
Drunken hormones, want their way
Until, they are confronted

Blink of an eye and a flirting grin
Ally snares one ready for sin
She is blessed with a sacrifice to gift
So many men to choose from
No time for foreplay she must be swift
Obligation to feed, swallow their cum
One after another, out the back door they go
She drops to her knees willing to blow
Sucks them like a whore well spent
Gathering all the male nourishment


The clock strikes six
Light begins to shine on her streets
The spawn feeds inside, a fix
It breaths, its’ heart beats

Ally stumbles the roads with a lurch
Avoiding the morning sun
She staggers upon a church
Just when the burning had begun
The holy water steamed to a boil
Murphy’s oil peeled in her path
She was causing such turmoil
Ally was soulless, turned into a transporter
She was never welcomed before the cross
Her skills were well mastered served as a martyr
Who is the one, really at loss ?


*photos taken from internet




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