Ally lives on….

Read how she got to this point.

Disclaimer of erotic horror exsists.
Miss Ally’s Masquerade
Miss Ally
Feeding Time

Hope you enjoy, as much as I enjoyed writing it !


The spacious church was empty.
Her steps were thunderous
A shark in the wooden sea
Swiftly moves with confidence

‘He’ awaits her arrival with suspense
No remorse of past conflicts
Stands in front of an open coffin
Rosary beads wrapped in a crucifix
Mumbles slow sips of sin

Ally walks down to the altar
Where the congregation once stared
She grins, with a smile
Remembers being here, once bared
Yet, reaches for the casket
Peels her clothes to the floor
A shiver twitches, she becomes wet
Led this life many times before

How Ally was born on a long ago night
When she was stripped of her dignity
When Ally had no fight
Savagely blessed with his decree
This, however, was a different night.

She assisted the pastor to the pew
He whimpers “my sweetheart, my love, my paramour”
Steadily still as a statue

Her heart flutters, mind becomes cloudy
Could it be him, so many ago
Her words can barely swim
Her skin ripples with his disease
Thoughts of tasting him
Ally straddles her lost lover
Engulfs in a frenzied kiss
Rears back and sinks her teeth into his jugular


The sweet blood is pure bliss
Poison is sucked from the pastor
Holy water travels through her veins
Pipe-organ begins to sing a hymn
He accepts her, never complains
As she grinds his lap hard
Stiffens him with her expertise
Visions blurred, to a graveyard

Ally fucked him with all her might
Whirlwind emotions release from her sea
The creature within feuds with her new blood
She is cleaved
Upon her sensitive nub
It awakens her soul, relieved
He presses deep into

Where purity was once stolen from Ally
When she was not herself
The pastor burst inside her with his finale
History was repeating itself
Except she had the upper hand
His voice echoed off the stain glass
Her breath became unsteady
“Such a whore, just a piece of ass”
The devilish soul reacted, no pastor would be ready
He screamed, as Ally sucked him dry
She laid him down inside
No tears, Ally would not cry

The bastard was stiff, open-eyed
She was about to close the lid
Whispering “I once died,”
“I was the fruit that was forbid”

Her sigh grew with pleasure
She cuddled on his lap
Closed the tomb with her treasure


*photos taken from pinterest and the internet



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