Mornings’ Dawn

Ally closes the casket, does it end here ? Dip into Mornings’ Dawn and find out. This series continues with a mix of erotica and horror. Feel what it is like to be in her shoes from the beginning, LIVE those words at Miss Ally’s Page


Ally whispers within the coffin’s blackness

“In your arms I died a thousand times
No prayers, no bible, just sin
Amidst your heavy breaths
I accepted your way to love
You baptized me into womanhood
Raped away years from my soul
‘This is why you were born’ you told
My pussy, not enough for you
You had them turn me
No more sun, no more skies of blue”

Ally was surrounded with darkness
The cinder box bed was a chokehold
She took in the last of him
Lapped their sex from his erection
The semen was so cold

Tears began to flow
Torment, torture
deep crimson, they ran so slow

Within her silence…..
Ally’s eyes opened wider than ever before.
Her arms fill with a thousand goose bumps
Neck hair stood harder than his erection

His hand brushed her hair again
Ally’s nerves literally jump through her skin
She remained still
Feeling him pet her with the softest stroke
Ally felt warm, no longer had a chill
She felt him burn as the corpse spoke

“My child, I have come full circle with you
I made you my whore,
Turned you to the dead,
Planted my seed in your core.
And now, now my blood is what you fed
I, the Devil Brimstone make you mine”
He yanks her head up
She tingled with orgasm down her spine
“Now you cunt.
Let us feed my spawn
We need to hunt,
Before mornings’ dawn !!!”


*pictures are not mine




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