In The End 

In the end

Just caged savages 

Patiently stalk

Our prey 

Vulnerable to emotion

To want, 

To need,

To satisfy that desire

That carnal bliss. 

Which lurks


Beneath bare skin

A canvas 

Accepting the pain 

The passion

The lust

That boils 

That yearns

That anticipates


From clouded minds

A sun 

Rises from the loneliness

That imprisons

The depths 

That engulf illumination

Shines brightly 

In the hands 

Of dreams

Of another 

Anguished hearts

Remain torn


By the distance of a kiss 

The absence of touch

The blurred lines set ablaze 

By that burn

Which sets


In the arms

That hold

Today’s dreams

That scare 

Tomorrow’s Nights


That drive us insane

Down a blinded road

A lengthy highway 




Drowning in a puddle…. of us.


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