AA Thoughts

In a land of grace, you walk the streets keeping your secret hidden until at last you have to confess. 

The cluster of invitations drip from my lips as I deliberately sear your skin. A pursed action toying with the embers that remain vivid for caress. Fire. My desire. To scorch those nerves as I crawl from your lips. Your neck. Down your torso. Your physique, leaving invisible markers to return as the fix subsides and the urge comes center stage. Bright lights, blinding. Orchestra playing. Cymbals crash. You can not think. Overwhelmed by the show.  Where your thoughts are coerced. Your beliefs that you thought you could move on. As if you were a junkie. An addict. Weak and desirable to my passion. My kisses upon those feminine curves and erotic abodes. You have to remind yourself to breathe. Breathe within the clutches of my want, your need, a weakness to find that bliss. That fix. Between the sighs that kiss you, bathe you in a feverish desire. Embrace. Hold. Where you have to dig those nails, carve your speechless screams. Carnal sighs into my back. Make me bleed for the gracious ecstasy to unlock the other worlds. The pain to release the pleasures of this drug I insert through your flesh. It implodes your veins with a mission to clog your arteries of nothing but me. My intensity to bring you into a realm where time fights the presence. The reality. The coldness of falling. Surrending that shield. That wall. Bricks to the castle that keeps your fairy tale safe. That leash where you hold control. You lead. You walk the path you want. Until now. Where that leash snaps back at you. A whip. A lightening bolt. Stings. Awakens the reddish cross to rise above your flesh. Jolting you deep. Deep down inside where you tingle, shake below the surface. Stir that molten release held back. Sheltered for fear that this fix would be uncontrollable. An explosion. An outer body experience your scared to call upon. An eruption of volcanos spewing emotion, years of neglect. Want. Need. Another feeling you had no idea existed. You thought you knew how love felt, until you saw me taste it. Feed from it. From you. Off you. Like a wild beast taking command. Leading you down this immortality of pleasure. Confidence. Secretly implanting a fierce undertone. Unafraid to become raw and intimate. To that infinite splendor where you awaken. Realize that you have never felt love before. Where the breeze is surreal. The air takes your breath away yet leaves you breathing. Where you gain another pulse. Another beat from my will. My destiny. My appetite for you. About you. Where my approach. My ability to control your sight and let erotic tendencies peel the layers. Where your mind will only allow these lips. My lips. My graze. Stroke these kisses across your body, to become the only thing you become immersed in. That you will listen to. Cleanse to. Obey those kisses. Obey their calling upon your skin. Your flesh. Your soul. For their intent is for you to admit. Admit to the circle around you that they are your weakness. Your drug. Your drink of choice. 



4 thoughts on “AA Thoughts

  1. Speechless. Breathless. Completely devoid of muscle or bone. These words have left me in a swirl of nothingness. You, Sir, are truly gifted and I am truly lucky to have met you. xoxo

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