Lonesome Dreams 

Sit here alone in a padded cell, a box, a throne, a cage where the mind wanders to far away places, familiar faces and shoes with no laces. “It’s alright” a woman’s voice whispers 

So gently. So softly. So womanly. 

It makes me rise above this thought to the days of togetherness. Smiles. Roses. Bodies that join. Different colors. Different hairs. Different rolls but all the same. Her smoky voice fills my veins. A noose, a clasp. All the same it shackles me to my chair. Can I survive this nightmare as I sit and stare. I do not blink. My minds speeds ahead as it does over think. Which brings me here, alone. No pen. No pencil. No windows. I begin to bleed the words you have longed to read. They come with a price nothing is ever freed. They will speak to me and to you aloud. Sip them slowly for they may take control, consume and soon you will be alone, staring into the dark dreaming of the days when dreams were just daydreams. 


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