Glistened Kisses

She sits at the morning table. Nothing but a sheer camisole. Resting in both her palms, she sips from a ceramic cup. Sunshine warms her sighs as the steam heats up her thoughts. 

She stares out the window. 

Across barren flesh, my curves, endure his advancements, as my skin accepts his…

She sighs and sips again on the coffee vapors twirling around her memories. 

The sun walks across exposed skin as his lips did…will…again. A welcome she will never turn away. The moans slip from her predawn whisper. This triggers another dream of him. 

Forceful lips disrobe my soul. Slowly placed with a brand to everyone. His kisses My skin just explodes…

She listens, the volume to his breath echoes deep inside. Fuels those embers that make her glisten. His touch reaches within and embraces her culmination. 


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