A Rainy Tuesday

I backed her up to the table. Her deep blue forever eyes restrained my ability to be distracted. Bound in a trance, it did not matter if others were near. I felt tethered by fate. Fastened to her without being physically attached. My feet never touched the floor as we swept ourselves across the floor.

It was late and I should have left long ago but her aura allowed me in. I was star struck. She was not your ordinary woman. She did not wear expensive clothes. Her hair was shoulder length, glistened in the low lighting of the library. It was Tuesday, open mic poetry. If it was not for the heavy rains I would not be there.

I had planned a walk around the city blocks to admire windows decorated for the holidays. Kimberly, my date was not into getting her hair wet and the thought of listening to poetry was a frown she did not try to hide. I was distraught by rejection as I never turned down anything she wanted to do. Her suggestion of a ritzy bar on the Northside was not in the cards. This was supposed to be my night. I was to pick what we did, what we ate and where we went. She was taken by my exit, but I never looked back for a second chance or approval.

That look of disappointment cemented in my heart was no longer there. I was not even considering a thought toward Kimberly. My focus was solely on this five foot eight, nine or ten inch buttoned shirt wearing brunette. Her eyes sparkled as they reflected my intentions. She did not have the stereotypical librarian look. No glasses and her hair was fluid with her motion not tied up in a bun.

I somehow sandwiched us up to the large oak table. It was very different from the podium where she watched me recite short erotic poems. The same podium I encouraged her to read aloud for the first time. Overall, there was not many participants and fewer audience members as the storm outside created flash flood warnings throughout the area.

The library quickly evacuated as the lights flickered more than once. Finally after about three or four episodes the power went out. Emergency lighting came on but left the large open room with a romantic low lit ambience. Carly had begun to fold up the chairs. This is where I asked if she needed assistance. Actually, no, was not an option. Not sure if she knew this but fortunate enough she did not refuse the help. I needed to know more about this sexy woman who hovered just below the radar. There was a big conference in the morning and open mic Tuesday was her gig. Her coworker, a literature major from the college across town, did not make it in tonight because of the storms.

I want to say it was a loud thunderous boom that shook the whole building. That crack of thunder brought us closer. There was just a few chairs left to fold and put up. We were not far the sturdy oak stained table. Our breathing was heavy. Our eyes now did the talking, the touching. Several times we fought the resistance to kiss. Lips coming together, heads adjusting. It was Carly who placed her hands on my hips. Her touch was soft yet confident in her actions. She traced my jeans on an angle down my pelvic bone. I reached for the third button on her shirt as the other two were already undone. I never lost sight of her endless azure eyes. There were no words, yet she screamed for me to continue.

I slowly undid that third button. The fourth, the fifth and onward until the ivory satin blouse fell open. Her nipples were erected, pushing their way through the lace fabric of her bra. I carefully placed my hands on the inside seems to her shirt. Spreading the shirt open and down her arms which took them away from my bulging jeans. She let out a sigh of disappointment. It quickly changed to a gasp of air as I scooped her up and placed her on the table. She swung her arms around my neck. I squeezed her bra hooks together and they easily released her breasts to my mouth.

I kissed, I licked, I nibbled upon her nipples. I caressed and groped her rounded tits as feverishly as I could. They raised and lowered enjoying my onslaught of attention to them. Carly soon was reaching for my shirt bottom. She tugged it from my pants and jerked it up over my head raising my arms to toss it across the floor.

It was on, as our lips climaxed together in a savage introduction to each other. Tongues slashed like swords, lips succumbed to the innate chemistry we possessed for one another. Heavy breaths turned to a thirst neither could or wanted fulfilled.

My hands explored her silken flesh and evidently landed on the buckle to her skirt. I tightened the belt with a groan and released the strap. The zipper floated down and she raised her cheeks to allow me to slide it over her muscular thighs. I kneeled down to get the skirt over her shoes but Carly was already assisting with her own feet. I kissed her thigh. She grabbed my hair and let out a cry, a pleasure.

Firm yet gentle hands spread her legs. Her panties were soaked with the cries and groans she shared with me. Her lips protruded the wet fabric. It hid nothing as I rubbed my finger with enough presence to make her squirm. I hit her clit and she shuddered in orgasm. Her panties were promptly removed. Her freshly shaved pussy was now home to my tongue. I tasted her nectar that escaped over and over. My tongue was far from exploring her juices. It dove into her with several thrusts. This encouraged her hips to rock and for Carly to arch her back. She stretched and held her balance as I took her with my mouth. I sucked on her. I fucked her with my tongue. I slid and twisted her pussy in to a whirlwind of freedom.

Carly then held my head between her legs for the third orgasm. She was lying on the table with her legs wrapped around my neck. Her hands were locked with a grasp of my hair. “Fuck me!“ She groaned aloud. “Fuck me!”

I stood and unbuttoned my jeans. They fell to the floor and I yanked my shoes off so that I was standing there naked. My cock was saluted at attention. I inched forward and the tip to my shaft teased her already exhausted fold.

I grabbed her by the outside pelvic area and slid her to the edge of the table. Her chest jiggled enough to make me aware of how I was going to enjoy this. Her breasts were more than a handful and shook nicely as I entered her. My hardness disappeared with approvals that filled the empty room. I tightened my ass and pushed a little extra and watched her breasts jump up. I place my hands over them and rocked them beneath my hold. My hips joined with the motion and rocked into her with a steady thrust.

My balls slapped the space between her wetness and ass. I withdrew my hands from her chest and placed just below her knees. I spread her legs wide and stabbed my cock deep inside her walls. Her breasts flapped up and down, wiggled and delighted my eyes to the elation they witnessed. Her tits bounced and every so often I slapped one just on the outside of her nipple. Her gasps and grunts approved as my cock repeatedly inserted itself deep inside her.

I closed her legs and cut the sight of her chest rocking up and down. This closed her swollen lips and made the entrance tighter. I plunged harder as the flesh slapped and saturated sounds matched her release. I could feel the rush flow over me. The heat that generated from her culmination.

I fucked her harder and faster until I came with a very vocal animatistic sound that startled our bodies. I collapsed forward into her and she raised up to meet my climax with a resuscitation of her own. It was as if my cum revived something inside.

Her quick recovery was joined with desire, by desire. She was far from this rendezvous being over. Carly pushed me back and scooted off the table. She backed me to one of the chairs and sat me down. She fell to her knees and took my dripping cock into her mouth. Her lips clamped down on my less than hard shaft. She stroked me with her mouth while she sucked hard with every inhale. I became harder and harder until it felt like my blood was going to explode through my foreskin. My heart pulsed stronger in her mouth then in my chest. She fucked me with her mouth. I fucked her mouth until I exploded deep into her throat and quivered uncontrollably in her clutches.


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