A Stormie Night

It was a stormy night in the mountain cabin I now call home. High above the hustle and bustle city life. No more street corners filled with drunks begging for spare change to purchase their next forty. City life in general was driving me insane. Traffic jams, blaring horns, sirens around the clock. I now overlook a quietness so calm, it has become a rare beauty.

As I sunk into my oversized couch this evening, I am sure I made the right decision. It was a long and tough one but I kept wondering if I did it for Jeb or myself. You see Jeb came down on his asking price. He begged me to purchase it because of his the finality of his divorce. He wanted to cut all ties with her and this was the last piece to a puzzle that connected their abusive marriage.

I spent a few nights up here with Jeb and the rest of the guys. It was a forty-five minute drive from our working life but it was a thousand miles away in atmosphere. The cabin is two stories tall and sits on a ridge overlooking the valley. There is a lake below that will house my boat soon. The commute was probably the biggest obstacle. I’ll drive down to the train station and take the train to work. How could you pass up an authentic log cabin nestled in the wilderness and yet close enough to work.

I parked my jeep under the side deck. I am not completely moved in. However I could not deny the rush to spend a night in my new home. Jeb left it fully furnished and I was fine with that. I did leave early and stocked some perishables and necessities. This will not be some once in awhile getaway any longer. This will be home. This is my castle, my kingdom.

The wind howled up the tree tops. Cedar, pine and oak trees wrestling in the wind gusts. New noises always put you on edge in a new place. Especially when you are alone. I took a few chunks of wood and started a fire in the main living room. I opened an expensive bottle of champagne to celebrate. Sadly no one to share it with but I needed it that way. This was what I needed to do by myself. I was a kid in a candy store, filled with awe. I kicked back to some smooth jazz and thought about my next chapters in life. The atmosphere was warm and cozy. I was content.

The rain started to tap on the metal roof. Another noise I was going to have to get use to. It was alright though, I loved it. The storm intensified and lightening lit the valley up like I never seen before. Thunder shook the cabin it was so close. I guess the altitude and being closer to the clouds. It was all good though, this million dollar cabin was mine and at a steal.

As the evening wore on the storm increased with little patches of relief. To hear the rainfall so pure was tranquil. I made the sound adjustment to the wind quickly. I poured the last drop of my bubbly and realized I had not eaten anything. The hearth had me beyond relaxation, or was it the champagne? Either way I started to peel my clothes off. I laid on the couch with just a t-shirt and some loosely fit pajama pants. My head kept nodding off to sleep as I fought it for as long as I could.

I remember being overheated and off came the pj’s. Not long after that I removed my shirt. Between the emotions of this Friday to the alcohol I was quite groggy. I remember dreaming with my head under the pillow and how chilled I felt. It was about three o’clock in the morning. The fire had extinguished itself. All my blood had rushed to my groin. Luckily I peeled my clothes off earlier. The morning throb every man feels was in full swing. My head pounded and getting up was not an option. 

Suddenly, I felt a very warm presence smothering my hardness. Was it a dream ? It was wet and smooth. Tight and conformed around my hard on. The heat was very intense  as it slid up and down my length. Her skin was baby soft as she placed her hands on my chest.  

She pushed down on my rib cage. “Oh Jeb you feel so good, harder than I remember inside of me. I hope you don’t mind me doing this?” She wiggled herself to make All of me was her. 

Her grind felt so hot. The heat that melted onto me was so fervid. I let her begin to work herself into a frenzy. I tightened my gluts upward and matched her descend upon me. 

“Oh my God Jeb! You’ve never done that, it feels so good .” Her voice squealed into the calmness of the room. “Oh oh yes like that!”

As I peeked from beneath my pillows I could not see much. Being surrounded by woods and a stormy sky the room was in complete darkness. She moaned as I felt her juices spill over my skin. She raised up and stood on the couch. I felt her feet switch spots so I knew she turned around. Her heat was surely missed for those few seconds. As she squated back onto my lap I felt her ass cheeks rest briefly on my lower abdomen. At first no other part of this woman touched me. She slapped her torso onto me as I met every squat with a groan of how great it felt. Just the raw feeling of nothing but her pussy. My shaft was being choked by her contracted muscles. That quick whip of weight resting on my balls had no words to explain the feeling this position was giving me. Her drive was intense and as the room started to spin in ecstasy I grabbed her hips and pushed upward. I was going to explode if she kept this up. I buried every inch deep into her. I took control. 

She moaned even louder. “Fuck me!” Her breaths were heavy and gasped. “Yes. Harder.”

I sat up and criss crossed her arms in front of her. I grabbed her wrists and proceeded to grant every inch to her wish. I thrusted hard into her sultriness. I force her to pounce rapidly onto my stiff cock. She screamed. I moaned. Skin slapped, wetness splashed. The fury I displayed sent her into an everlasting unknown sequence of partially spoken words. I struggled for air as the brutness was unstoppable until I tightened every muscle and gripped her hands harder. That moment was inevitable as I vigorously released my seed deep inside her sex. I felt her g-spot accept every succession I unleashed. She quickly came herself. Hot fluids mixed withIn her cauldron. Our joint eruption flooded us into a puddle of bliss. 

All I heard was “Oh My God, Oh My God!” Over and over again. She kept saying those three words as I combed her hair and pampered her still shuddering body. “Oh My God, Oh My God!” Thinking the entire time how I was going to explain I was not Jeb. She cuddled up alongside me with a throw from the back of the couch and fell asleep whispering those words in her sleep. “Oh My God, Oh My God!”

I must have passed out myself. When I woke up she was gone. I laid there and listened for her. I heard the coffee pot brewing and a spatula hitting the skillet. I yawned and sat on the edge of the couch. I rubbed my face like I was washing it. The silence was then broken. 

“How do you like your eggs?” Her voice was mature, sexy, dominated with life, and above all giddy. Not seeing her I could picture a huge smile on her face. 

“Like my women, over easy.” I chuckled in response. 

“I’ll give you that smart ass.” She wittedly responded. “So, what’s you name?” 

“Vic. Yours?” My voice was happy yet hungover.

“Stormie. What are you doing in Jeb’s place? Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining.” She talked as plates clanked together and the smell of bacon filled the air.

I stood up and stretched. 

“Damn. No wonder I feel like this.” She wickedly expressed her approval for my backside by smacking that spatula on the counter. 

I stopped and turned to finally face this beautiful freckled face redhead. Her hair was long and layered down over her breasts. She was still naked. She was drop dead gorgeous. She also took in everything about me with a glare of her own. 

“Stormie? Right?” I questioned but didn’t wait for her to respond.  “The question should be how the hell did you get into my cabin?” 

Stormie took her thumb and first finger and slid them alongside the outer part to her forehead. They took her reddish locks away from her face and brushed her hair back. 

“What? Jeb sold this palace to you? Well hello neighbor!” Her tone had a sexy sass and her smile lit my world. 

I raised an eyebrow with a boyish grin. “Neighbor?” 

I walked into the kitchen and looked into Stormie’s green eyes for the first time. I gently held her cheeks and brought her face to mine. I kissed her like she was never kissed before. We must have kissed forever. She finally pushed my away and did something at the stove. I assume she shut everything off because she turned and begun to stroke my manhood. 

Our lips engaged in another fevered kiss. Not sure if passion or desire controlled us. I turned Stormie around. I pushed her back forward so her breasts rested on the counter. I entered her from behind. My cock fit so nicely inside her wet sex. I stroked myself with her folds. I held her hips so Stormie felt everything I had. I grabbed her hands and turned her away from the counter. She was bent over in the middle of the kitchen. Her arms stretched back alongside her torso. I held Stormie in place with my strong grip. She had to trust me as nothing was there for her except my strength. I punished her with strong deep hip movements. I pushed forward and pulled back her arms at the same time. This savage act made Stormie cry herself into an uncontrollable climax. When I felt her body temperature explode with intensity I released my own lava. It filled her up and oozed down her inner thigh as I still marinated myself in her. 

As it turns out Stormie is my neighbor. She is two years younger than me and was lonely and drunk on that stormy night. She thought I was Jeb and admitted it was the first time she wandered in on him like that. She laughed of how horny she was and her toys were not cooperating. Jeb was a friendly fuck when she needed one. 

Stormie lived here year round and would occasionally check on the cabin for Jeb so she had a spare key. She is free spirited and knows what she wants when she wants it. She is not looking for a commitment but wants me to come by for dinner one night.



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