1 Fantasy Inn-Room 327-Chapter I

Chapter I

Scarlett pushes the button to call the elevator. She paces back and forth waiting for that “ding” of acceptance to her command. Her sex is saturated, her legs are weak, rubbery from physical exhaustion. She just encountered a dream she never thought would come true. Scarlett waited fourteen years for this culmination.  Submission does take a toll physically. She wanted a chance to be alone with him. Many years to be naked with a man she knew would never be hers alone. It was gut wrenching. It made her world come undone in just a few short hours. They always talked about that “safe” word. She could recall it any day of the year, except today. Today was so surreal the word left her vocabulary. She was caught in another dimension. The pain was intense, on a scale that only measured pleasure. She considered raising a white flag, however being hypnotized by his desires was well worth her silence.

Scarlett thought the gratification to have this fantasy come true was on a higher realm. For this reason the safe word was never a choice. Consciously or subconsciously to end anything this man would do to her. She wanted him to paint that appetite upon her skin. From the restraints, to the hot wax accents. She wanted his breath to crawl beneath her skin. He made sure of that. Every surprise from behind her blindfold stitched forever with his scent. Every flog, every kiss, every song that played while he controlled her senses. Her fears,her pain, and ultimately her lust. Every anticipated move he made to devour her being. Every orgasm he controlled to be hers.

Victor. Victor was her kryptonite. He was older, wiser, sexier than any man she was ever with. He spun himself inside her mind twenty-four hours a day. He lured and teased her in every direction imaginable. He had this magnetic energy for her soul, her body. He caused her to want things from him. Things she craved from him that she would never ask any other man, not even her husband.

Victor and Scarlett had discussed this encounter time and time before. Over the years they plotted every angle, just about every position. She was now caught in that twisted story they dreamed about. There was no looking back, no second thoughts, the words written for this day were cemented by the storm within their kiss. The emotional need, the trance he placed her in, the magnetic pull she had to make her this way. Was it the liquor swirling around her arterites? Boiling for his touch to explode. Was it the small aftershocks still rumbling from those earth shattering orgasms? Maybe, it was a combination to both. Maybe, it was the sensitive whirlwind her body had reacting to sound, to the blinded realism it was him. The fruition that this fantasy had a physical feel to it . It was always an illusion that has dangled before them for over the last decade. For now, it just released her from that reality.

She desperately needed a cigarette. She squeezed her legs together as the “ding” triggered a tingle, a flash of torment throughout her body. The shiver was like electricity, bugling her veins to their limits. Forcing yet another release to the pleasured pain stimulating her every thought. Victor has become one with her. All the sounds, senses, even an elevator bell, sets his sexual energy into play. She was not lying beneath his restraints, why are her nerves so sensitive still?

“No, not another one,” she screams deep inside her mind. “I can not take another. Not right now, I need air, I need this cigarette and maybe another. And another.” Scarlett was processing and convincing herself. “Get your shit together girl, God bless, legs are weak. I can barely walk, but I want him so bad. NO!” She forces herself to see straight again. “Not until I smoke this cigarette. Dammit, Victor I hate you!!”
The elevator doors had already opened. She is being analiyzed by two very dark and intriguing men. They were well dressed for an executive meeting or something very similar. The men stand there awaiting her entrance into the small cubicle suspended by a few cables ready to take them down three flights to the hotel lobby. She adjusts her shawl, her thoughts, her tolerance for pain, for pleasure and enters the elevator.

The men smile and nod. One even speaks “Good morning, beautiful.”

Scarlett is giddy and not in the least self conscious about being almost naked in front of these business men. She is feeling like she is being processed within their eyes. Subconsciously she may be more worried about showing them remnants of hot dripped wax on her skin. She wants them to see her tattoos. Scarlett is wearing a slip on dress that is fairly low cut and thin spaghetti type straps. The tats are over her shoulder and start to come down her right breast. She readjusts her shawl and peaks down at her cleavage. The abundance of cleavage makes her proud but it also hides the small wax drippings placed there moments ago. Her eyes flash to a bright flame and she once again feels the sear they made when Victor choose that spot. “Damn him” she thought again with a smirk.

Scarlett takes that smirk and manages a response to the two very fine looking gentlemen. “Yes, it is.” She had that confident sexy tone to her smile. However, Scarlett is under dressed compared to their three piece suits. She is trying to hide the freshly hardened wax all over her body. She enters the elevator and knows they can smell his sex, her sex ooze from every pore. She feels their eyes strip her as bare as she was tied up in that room. She feels them examine her voluptuous body inch by inch that felt like hands doing the search. This turns her erotic state back on. Juices trickle down her leg. If Scarlett was not trying to make her world stop spinning from Victor, she might have had a threesome with these two. That is where Victor brings her. That morale release to engage in sexuality no matter the cost, the danger, the excitement.

The elevator seemed to take forever. Scarlett began to envision those masculine hands knead her body. Grope her breasts and push her to her knees. Grasping her hair, forcing her… the elevator doors open. “After you, Miss beautiful…” the same man speaks. “…have a wonderful day.” They turn left and Scarlett turns right to exit the hotel side entrance to have her cigarette. She can not resist and turns back to catch a glimpse of their asses in those pinstripe suits. Both men had the same interests sparked and give Scarlett a slight wave of the hand. She giggles and spins around to exit the claustrophobic walls that confine her.


2 thoughts on “1 Fantasy Inn-Room 327-Chapter I

  1. This is so hot and so real, I almost feel like I am Scarlett (as I smoke my cigarette after reading this). Can not wait for chapter 2!!! 😈😍😍

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