2 Fantasy Inn-Room 327-Chapter II

Chapter II

Victor took his time. He stared at her body lying spread eagle on the bed. Her eyes covered with a mask. He waved a hand to make sure she did not see him. Once he was convinced she could not see he proceeded with his plan. Victor took a cloth towel and encircled her left wrist with it. He then took the strap and wrapped it around the terrycloth to secure it in place. This allowed restraint without the strap digging into her flesh. Victor then walked around the bed and repeated the same slow caring intent to her right wrist. Once he was done, he tightened the ratchet that was placed under the mattress before she arrived. As it clicked a few times, he watched her facial expression search to what the noise was. Scarlett did not know what it was, but the curosity to what she could not see made Victor hard. He wanted this as bad if not more than Scarlett. He was ready to dominate her senses. He was ready to submit beneath her need. He moved back around the bed and curled another cloth around her left ankle. Victor softly tied the strap over the towel like he did to her wrists. He softly stepped to the right side and mirrored his thoughtfulness to her comfort. He then secured the tension a little tighter than her wrists for he knew her jolts might break the restraints.

Victor was now ready. He turned the music up and leaned in an gave her a soft seductive kiss with just a small tug to her bottom lip. He turned to the desk alongside the bed and placed several small candles on the tray. Already lit was the biggest candle. He set the icing tube inside the ice bucket. Victor now turned his attention back to Scarlett and her nakedness. He was definetitely ready, was she?

Victor started slowly with a small flog. He dragged the leather fingers across Scarlett. He let the indivual strands scratch at her bare breasts. They circled her nipples and touched her stomach. Victor watched Scarlett twitch between a tickle and a feeling like she never felt before. He allowed the flog to brush her shaved lips, dragging on the inside of her thighs to the bed. He blew air across her body and traded back and forth with the flog and a soft sensual kiss here and there. He then flung his arm in a full swing above his head and etched the leather pieces deep across her right thigh. The restraints held Scarlett in place as she wrenched in shock. Victor than placed another whip of the flog across her left thigh. Once it slapped her flesh and landed on the bed he dragged it up her exposed lips inch by inch refreshing her thoughts with soft sensual touchings until he slaps her breasts with them. Victor continues the onslaught with several pain wretching slaps of the flog. He stops takes a deep breath. Watches her ribs rise and lower in anticpation to another slap, another touch, another kiss. 

Victor reaches for a candle and lights the wick from the larger candle. He walks to the other side of bed. It has been too long for Scarlett to lay there untouched. Victor holds the candle carefully and bends over and seductively kisses her nipple. He flickers his tongue around her left one and brings the candle to her right nipple. The wax drips just below her nipple and Scarlett screams in a cross between agony and pleasure. Another drip and another. Victor stops, qucikly moves to the other side and slowly kisses her nipple that was just branded with wax. Sucks it as far as her skin would allow and releases it with a snap and drops a bead of wax onto it. Scarlett moans and squirms her hips. This gave Victor enough time to extinguish the small candle and bring the other over and allow a good stream of wax to pour down her cleavage. Her heavy breaths and grunts were a sure turn on. Victor grabbed an ice cube and conseals her nipple into his mouth and onto the ice. Her fists clenched tight as she pulls at the straps holding her in place. Victor forced the ice over her skin and ended at the top of her folds. He released the cube from his mouth so it slid down her pussy and landed at her ass. She twitched until he grabbed the ice and held it firmly up her pussy to point of it melting inside her.

Victor continued the assualt between wax, ice, kisses and welts from the flogger. Most of what Victor tormented her with now was in the moment. His preplanned attacks were far behind him and he reacted to her moans. Victor kept her off balance of what was to come. He used the flogger to barrage pain down her legs. He used it to be soft and sensual. He blended the pleasures with pain. He improvised the senses from his seductive kiss to the playful nips her flesh begged for more. The flogger intertwined with his bestial thoughts and his ability to weakened her knees with a slight tug to her hair and a planted kiss for the ages.

Victor worked her body as he walked around the sides of the bed. Victor came back to her feet. In a slow motion he crawled on the bed and tickled her ankles with the leather. He skimmed her legs and teased her thighs. Victor used a heavy breath before he fell forward onto her wetness. The juices that escaped from her were lapped and licked to another wave exploding from her. He twirled and poked his tongue deep inside Scarlett. She continued her orgasm with even more force. Victor sucked her released like he was dying of thirst. She screamed a tortured grunt and groaned in complete pleasure. 

Victor kneeled up and slammed the leather straps across her pelvic area. Scarlett shrieked in pain. Victor quickly got up and belted the flogger across her pelvic again. The pain was beginning to be pleasure for him. It scared him. To see her excited beneath his hand. Victor moved upward and dragged the flogger up her very swollen and sensitive lips. He moved ever so slowly towards her breast. He climbed over her leg making sure his erection throbbed upon her skin. He stood on the side of the bed. Continuous motion of the flogger over her torso. He positioned himself so his rock hard cock was in her palm. She began to stroke it feverishly, wanting to return pleasure to him. He had a different idea and wanted attention on his balls. Victor adjusted forward and placed her hand in such a way she twirled them with her fingers. He suckled upon her breasts and even allowed her to taste herself from his tongue. The fever, the storms that released from their kiss pushed them both over the edge. She nipped at his lips, so in return he smashed the leather straps firmly across her tits. She squeezed his balls and he nearly came right there. He enjoyed the clamp on his balls but more than anything the cause to her moans from the pain upon her chest. He repeated it again and watched her breasts surrender under the slaps. He pushed them, bounced them with his palms. 

Victor than replaced the flogger with wax and positioned the candle to have several drips fall in succession. The room was filled with growls and breathless cries as Scarlett let another orgasm rip through her body. This onslaught, this prearranged stage was far beyond what either thought possible. They found new meanings, new acceptances. It opened other doors. Another chapter to a torrent affair of pure sexual energy. Or did it close doors? Was it the end ? They had many questions as Scarlett needed to clear her mind. She needed to escape the vice of Victor. The physical controls he had on her. She was falling in love again but knew it would never be more than what this room held. More than any bed that merged their bodies into one. More than the claw marks, more than the sexual tension that exonerated the reality of this day. In this room, this fantasy room three two seven.



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