the midnight hour

a dark side has awoke

wind shifts from and to the west

a dormant hold beneath collar and choke

voices begin to recite dire unrest

the whispers induce uncertainty, fright

lips hard and soft with desperation

deliver an unforeseen delight

linger like second hand smoke

murky thoughts frayed, felt below

eternal fantasies come together 

reach down, down, down into the rainbow

ecstasy strokes

weakened hearts scream 

feelings evoke

from just being in this daydream

rough mentality, bruising skin

pleasure dissipates darkness

illumination wins

feel me touch me

release what is trapped inside me

devil with the dance and set it free

monsters come, as moonlight is the shadows 

loyalty strains the need to beg and plead

convulse into abyss

bungled at your feet just to feed

as the midnight ravens flock

suffocates reality within their kiss






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