Are words really needed ?



A Memory

This morning was a beautiful start to any day. The sun shined from the mighty heavens above. The calm silence holding back tears as I drive with the funeral procession. Flashing car lights as the hurst strolls by the stopped motorists. The countless memories that will remain, just that.

Life was lived to the fullest. Just not the longest. I already miss your friendship, your laugh, you. The things we accomplished can never be undone. Halloween will never again be as fun.

Taps begins to flow across the headstones from the lone soldier beneath a mighty tree. The notes summon tears from the loved ones who stand still. We listen in awe of the precision that each note from the horn echoes a picture in our thoughts. Those memories are the only thing we have left.

Soon the skies above will begin to cry. A steady one that will build on the questions left at our feet. The heavy rains will await our exit from here and remind us it’s ok to cry. As we stand motionless to a flag folded and given in honor. Micheal. Today we say good-bye.


He Wrote Her

Once upon a naked canvas
words whispered across skin;
penned with a creative hand 
defined by his lusty wind.

Incoherent sentences 
branded upon her curves;
methodically composed 
pleasure she deserves.

Dipped in the puddles of her heart,
he wrote her,
by the ink of his lips.

Page after page
chapters without limit;
lines without structure 
clearly making her submit.

Enchantment was defined
sequels and a demand for more;
he engraved his signature
precise details to this folklore.

Dipped in the puddles of her heart,
he wrote her,
by the ink of his lips.


Inside Your Fire

Eroticism drips from your skin

I embrace the essence 

Clenched within my fist

I drop to my knees 

Domination in your eyes

I breathe the certainty of your kiss

I am only here to please 

Accept me across your threshold 

Nail me to the walls of ecstasy 

Forever alive when I am inside your fire. 

*photo is mine