Under My Skin

An essence claws from under

Ache is beyond words

Left so vulnerable

Pleasure becomes disease

Every curve

Every kiss

Every woman becomes my fix

Infatuated by their lure

Anyone can sway the balance

Every realm, there is no cure

Only touch heals thy wounds

Sickness slithers to regret

Dreams open doors

Left alone with desire

My existence awaits you

An addict to my needs.

Succumb to what is under my skin



Lost in the Clouds

Into your eyes

Things reflect differently

Once fingers entwine

Electricity holds that connection

In the clouds, when I am with you

Forever lost, when I am away


*photo is mine


Lost in a frenzy

Attracted to sexual lure

Colorful cravings become the want

Demand is a blurred desire

Encased by your wings

Seduce me into your fire


*picture found on the Internet

Summer Tan

I sip upon her smooth skin

Slowly as summer’s southern wind

Ripples rip beneath my lips

The ocean’s waves begin to stir

Crash upon the shores,

I hear her sigh “Oh yes, Sir !”


Lips On My Skin

Inscribed with discipline

Fluttered eyelashes

Nestle beneath ones chin


Body quivers with a soft moan

An exhaled sigh

Whispers across the collarbone


Heart surges with a thud

Lips join together

Feel need in another’s blood


Endless daydreams

Countless encounters

Desire’s will it seems


Chapters wrote by touch

Beneath control

Command is never too much


Lust away thirst

Peerless dictation

Taste the erotic verse


Order becomes undone

Eyes turn the page

Release has begun


Upon my skin

Kisses, beautiful kisses

Love stories of an evening wind


Lips caress the unspoken word

Fingers stroke the paragraph

A novel’s scream is forever heard



*image found on the Internet*