Chapter III – Fantasy Room 327

img_3525Scarlett became his fantasy. This was no longer about what they wanted or planned. This now became what Victor needed. What was deprived from Victor. What he demanded, what he craved. Victor needed to fill a void in the deepest part of his soul. That bright spot on the dark edge of reality. Was it sin ? Was it the subconsciousness to be a dominant. Or was it a curse that Scarlett had awakened.

Victor had stepped into this unorthodox sexual assault with a plan. He stood over Scarlett and watched as her body shivered beneath the vulnerability. Her chest raise and lower with calming breaths. His receptiveness to this elation that he alone allowed pleasure to be hers. His. His release from himself to swallow the sword of such dangerously crossed lines. Scarlett lying naked before him bound by straps with relaxation exhaling from her body gave Victor a new peace. The warm cozy feeling that he was the cause of such rapture that erupted within her. The soothing break of emotions. The silent tears of joy. The quiet time of what could possibly top the ecstasy they just experienced. That tranquil silence. She inhaled deeply and held it for a few seconds. When she released it, the sedation made love to her nerves. Scarlett was floating in heaven and was at peace with herself.

“Man you’re good.” She let escape from her lips as Victor could hear her eyes fill with tears.

Victor brushed her bare skin with the tips of his fingers. His soft sensual touch helped to intoxicate Scarlett even more. He ran those silky fingers up and down her side. He touched her hips and thighs and circled up her torso. His resting area was reached at her breast. Victor grabbed them with a bit of force. His strong hands massaging her chest. The romantic softness moments ago was long gone. He kneaded them with a masculine drive to a low rejuvenated moan that freed from her sex.

With this Victor straddled Scarlett. He applied pressure on her nipples which were harder than the barbells that stabbed through them. He tugged them hard. Released them to a yelp from Scarlett. Those sexual snarls were dictated by his aggressive play upon her breasts. He twitched them between his fingers again and pulled them taut. As the metal piercings snapped back to place, he enjoyed the whimpering relief in her moan. The quiet beg, crying for more.

Victor always had this trance on Scarlett. He took Scarlett into another realm. His world. His province. It was a place that was as real as a fantasy could be. An atmosphere of sexual fantasies that became reality. Scarlett never dreamt these things were even possible, let alone in one of her relationships. Until Victor grabbed her hair and kissed her so deep, so passionately, so eroticiy on that night many years ago.

Victor had immersed her poise in the palms of his hand. Where she held his trust tightly as the doors opened to her submissive reign. He saw virginity in her eyes every time he touched her. He felt that first orgasm she ever had with every kiss. Every spark, every bolt of electricity that quivered inside. Victor ignited her dormant embers into a raging inferno. Mentally, she kneeled before him. Sexually, intimately, Victor was her drug. Whether it was her hair interlocked with his firm grip or the tenderness of seduction he would breath across her neckline. Scarlett was addicted to him. Time would stop and start with that same magnetic pull as the first time they kissed. It did not matter that months or even years went by without a tryst. That moment when their embers erupted within a hug. That sexual energy that is released when their lips completed each other. One touch. One kiss. Ignited that erotic pull to explore the reality to unspoken fantasies. Scarlett always tried to explain that. How Victor crawls into her veins. How she crawls into his. How these become a struggle for each to remain in control. On this day Victor was the one in control, or was he?

Victor lowered his hardness upon her naked body. It scorched for her mouth and nestled between her breasts. Victor squeezed her hardened nipples, pushed them together. Her chest encompassed his manhood at the same time. Scarlett sighed at the warmth of his balls resting on her skin. Victor slowly slid his cock between her breasts until the tip reached her chin. Scarlett opened her mouth in anticipation of tasting the precum which drizzled upon her.

“You want to taste me?” Victor broke his silence since securing Scarlett in this position. Scarlett was licking her lips when asked and was about to answer when Victor placed a single finger on her lips with a “shhhhh.”

He reached for the bottle of cinnamon liquor. His cock pulsated on Scarlett, as he trickled the alcohol from her lips downward onto his shaft. The wetness allowed less friction as he rocked his hips through her cleavage. Pinching at will, her nipples sore and tired. Scarlett needed to be freed from the restraints. Victor leaned forward and let Scarlett taste his liquored pulse as he filled her mouth with himself. Without a pause Victor continued to rock and began to fuck her mouth. He let out a huge grunt and a soft sentence. “It’s time.” Victor reached and groped the headboard.

Scarlett instantly knew what was to come and prepared for him to enjoy himself. She positioned her lips firm enough around his cock. Balls rested on her chin. The skin on skin slaps. The muffled acceptance of Scarlett taking him in. She wanted this from Victor. She always asked for him to fuck her mouth. He pushed deep. His fullness made her gag. She gathered him with her tongue. She felt him push her throat to its limits. She continued to adjust and even began to ease the pain of gagging on his length. Victor was easy and conscious of this but slid deeper with each time. Scarlett was pleased and enjoyed every inch he had.

“That’s my pet.” He whispered from above.

His hips gained momentum as he watched her face take in his sex. He fucked her with a steady rhythm. Her pleasured sounds were drown by all Victor had to give. He smiled in this glory of watching himself disappear into her mouth. She took in all he had to share with her. She consumed and retaliated with a strong sucking to his outward extractions. This went on and on. Scarlett suckling at him and Victor forcefully pleasing the sensations that were shooting throughout his groin.

Victor finally tightened his ass. He paused his actions, groaned, grunted and released his gift. He violently shook the headboard like a wild beast. His arms rattling the bed against the wall just as his hips came undone in Scarlett. She labored on the hot cream that filled her mouth. Her refluxes spun out of control. Deep breaths through her nose feeling the cum spread within her. She listened to him peel the layers from reality. She swallowed that reality without a drool. His fever grew inside her as the heat filled her thirst. His thirst.

Victor remained as stiff as concrete on Scarlett. She slurped up every drop she could. Her tongue lapped at him. Her mouth devoured him. Their sexual aura circled in the room. Victor stepped over the still blindfolded Scarlett. He grabbed the candle and drizzled a hot wax stream over her torso. Scarlett shrieked in ecstasy. Victor then resorted to just a single drop of wax. He took forever to spill from the candle and singe Scarlett. He would wait patiently. Another single drop slowly spilled from the flame that created it. Once it landed on her skin he smiled. Scarlett wrenched in the torture of his emotional pause. He continued this slow onslaught to show that whatever fantasy just came true for her, he was completly in control.

With his other hand Victor reached for her vibrator. He rubbed the outside of her wetness. Once he turned it on he allowed the wax to pour onto her pelvic area. Scarlett screamed for God. The vibrator was inserted into her folds. She begged for God again. Victor let the buzzing of her clit as the only noise. Except for an occasional plead for God to take her or was it to give her to hell.

Victor walked around her secured body. Slightly teasing her skin with his touch. His kiss. Victor held that bullet in place as Scarlett writhed in a mighty orgasm. He watched her body shake, convulsed in uncontrolled movements. The bullet buzzed and tormented her pussy. She merged another orgasm with broken grunts to the words she tried to pronounce. Victor inserted his finger as he pulled the bullet out. He stirred his fingers in her juices as the vibrations circled her womanhood. Her legs violently shook. Her muscles twitched and jumped. Victor laid between her legs. He tasted her release. Replaced his tongue with the vibrator. He exchanged between the two until Scarlett fed him with another steady stream of herself.

Victor rested the vibrator between her legs. It barely touched her saturated skin. He watched her squirm to make it touch her again. This all quickly dissipated as a bold layer of hot wax landed just above her sex. She closed her fists to where the knuckles turned white. She filled the room with long unfinished syllables in a loud groan to God.

This is where Victor stopped. He untied her legs. He took a leg and folded it over the vibrator. The hum deadened as her flesh suppressed the open air. Scarlett sighed. Victor shut the vibrator off. He kissed her legs. Her thighs.  He crawled onto the bed and kissed her breasts. Her arms. He untied her hands with kisses that softly replaced the whips of the flogger, the brands of hot wax. He was passionate. He was sincere as he removed the eye mask. He kissed her with a soft distinct intent on her forehead. He worked his way down her face ultimately onto her lips. They engaged in that kiss for what seemed like forever. It was a mixture of time, trust, submission and mostly the dominance that swayed upon their combustion in this fantasy room, three two seven.