Empty phone calls

no answers

messages left in braille


Light does blind

darkness hides

around every corner


There is a dial tone

I see it fade away

how fast can we get there


New ring tones

bring same old call

will the line ever…?




Morning Skin

Blazing hot with need

Combust with the want of my touch

Melt as one; after the fire releases


Covered In You

My smile is what made you;

Awe struck with need;

As our bodies dance;

Desire became greed;

I twirled you in close;

My hand dipped you slow;

In your eyes;

Even time reduced it’s speed;

In your kiss;

Deepness is what I savored;

Drizzled over my skin.




Secretions held within

A menu for arousal

Succulent kisses leave

Dewdrops upon a honey crisp skin


The touch of a cloudless morn

Feel as a sweet nectar escapes

Slice away those insecurities

Passion has been reborn


From seed to blossom

Feed desire with attempt

Remain in control

With one bite all becomes numb


This nourishment, opens a door

Brisk chill, clouds the vision

Held in arms, a grip so tight

Reaches into your core


Beg for the want to subside

Plough deep into the night

Until the screams have died

And the moans are satisfied



Honey, want a bite of my apple 🍎?

Yes, I would love to taste your apple 🍎!


A little something to get the blood pumping.

I grabbed Scarlett by the hips and watched my cock disappear. Throbbing, it entered through her folds. So hot, a melting pot of juices. Aftershocks rumbled across her ass as I thrust deep inside of her. Like a steady engine keeping time, not too fast, maybe even a little slow. I push for the depths that feel so slippery and wet. The changing tides break along my shaft. Stroking my hardness with fire. I lose myself in the ripples that travel just beneath her pale skin. Muffled moans fill the air. Her back arched high in the air at me. Her face buried between the thighs of a friend. Tonight, more than a friend. A conquest. I watch as Anna’s fingers comb through Scarlett’s short purple strands. Anna growls in ecstasy as I can only imagine Scarlett performing oral perfection. The same technique on my cock I would imagine will devour a woman’s sensitive clit. Scarlett parts the lips and stabs at what little resistance is left in Anna. She has avoided this closeness of Scarlett for some time. They usually stop at hugs and groping from a good make out session. Scarlett always wanted more, Anna was a feminine virgin.

My cock pulsated in the dance of these emotional pleasures. Anna grabs a fist full of Scarlett’s hair as she is about to burst and flood Scarlett with her cum. I hammer my hips into Scarlett and become just a bit rougher. Stronger. Deeper. Scarlett reacts by diving further into the swells of Anna. She grabs her under her ass and slams Anna onto her stiffened tongue. Stabs her repeatedly, lapping up her milky dew. I slap Scarlett along the hip. Grab her curves and pulverize myself so deep into her that she explodes, squirting me with the repercussions of the three of us engage in a multitude of orgasms. My mind flounders about, my hand continues the onslaught upon Scarlett’s hip. Redness swells from her pain and yet she drags Anna over the threshold and drains her dry.

We collapse in a row, basking in the puddles of rawness. I watch as Anna strokes Scarlett’s hair. Pets her ever so gently. We are stoned. High from the energies that were released. I reach for the candle on the stand. I pick it up and drizzle the wax down the side of Scarlett.