“I Miss You”

“I miss you.” he heard
“This may sound a bit absurd,
my senses are blurred”

“I miss you.” she sighs
“No blue to my lonely skies
or kisses upon my thighs”

“I miss you” she moaned
“Kisses to my collarbone
or on the phone”

“I miss you” she said
“The things you do in my bed,
just spin in my head”

“I miss you” she spoke
“Every morning I awoke 
from dreams you provoked”

“I miss you” she cried
“I am lonely, I have died
I need you inside”

“I miss you” she hissed
“My body needs to be kissed
by lips I have missed”

She was whispering 
“Your kisses will make me sing,
but your tongue, is king”