Stars and Hearts

You ever have one of the moments when you say something and you’re like damn that’s good.

I see hearts in the stars

As my canvas changes it’s hue

May the twilights of yesterday

Shine just as bright as the dawns that await us.


A Peaceful Summer Night 

She wore a long sundress

Sat back in the patio deck chair

He kneeled before her 

A simple kiss to her knee

His hand traced the shadows up her thigh

He could feel the warmth building

His fingers reach an already moist opening

He draws a finger between her folds

After several lines it slides inward

Deep into her wetness 

Her juices boil from the arousal

A moan rolls from her tongue

Almost mechanically he fevers into her

He stares up at her 

He sees how intoxicated she is becoming 

Erected nipples test the fabric

Her groans now muffled by her finger

Her back archs to meet his thrusts

Her flesh ripples with a chill

He feels her climax is close

Her legs push outward onto the chair arms

Her breathing becomes erratic 

He pushes the two fingers deeper 

Rapidly rubs his thumb across her sensitive bud

Flicks her emotions beyond control

She comes crashes around his intensity

Her body tenses

Her legs slam shut

She looses all discipline

A volcano erupts from deep within her

He holds her place

Frozen in a blinded state

He caresses her through the orgasm

Eases her back in the patio chair

Her eyes drunk with lust

Close to the stars twinkle above 

They lead her into a peaceful rest

On this calm summer night