Blinded By Lure

May my tongue be a thousand fingers and my fingers a thousand tongues

Like a tattoo that forever saturates pleasure into your flesh

Intertwined, the spent energy, the endless parade, marches without end

Embers awake, they combust, erupt into flames from this endless ache.

May your body be one with my lips as my kisses become your body

The sensations upon your skin, aroused from my lustful touch

Obsession becomes control, hunger becomes feast; feast becomes obsession

We are the prisoners, who lost restraint, stripped naked; our sanity

May your tears become my heart and your soul become my screams

Drenched in the aftermath, where needs are stitched into a quilt of ecstasy

Blinded by your lure until we have fed



Am I Dreaming

The day was filled with many activities. Heat index close to a hundred. Lugging those umbrellas and chairs into the loose sand. The salty air that filled their hearts. Exhausted by the waves crashing on their sun kissed frames. Relaxation comes with a price. So does the little umbrella stirrers. They laid down beneath sheets just worn out. The humid day at the beach took all the energy. Their skin sun kissed nicely with a nice tan.

I am in that state between exhaustion and sleep. That world where everything seems to move slower. Move more precise. That state where things happen and it takes you a second or two to realize they actually happened.

The bottom part of her palm rests on my softness. Her fingers move the fleshiness to my balls. They scrape slowly upward. Blood pumps with a purpose through my veins. My muscles become tense and awaken to her darkness. She lets her fingernails scratch at the tip. I have become hard as she grasps for my balls again. She juggles them within her fingers. Her palm, that intimate cove where thumb and palm create a cove. Her wrist holds down what pulsates inside my hardness. She never squeezes or holds me yet massages deep in between the loose skin. She firmly strokes me every few seconds but never more than once at a time. Her skin is warmth. Her touch has a smooth delicacy to it. Having my shaft against my lower abdomen gives me a restraint feeling. Yet a freeness of her skin touching so much of my privates.

My eyes roll around the ceiling. Become focused on the fan slowly spinning shadows on the white popcorn finish. My left leg is covered with a rippled wave of goosebumps. She had sat up and gently placed her left hand upon my thigh. Her hold has a better angle and the strokes are more dramatic pushing my steel into myself.

Her breasts lay barren to the open air. Nipples rock hard, bloodthirsty for my lips. Begging for my manly hold on them. Her skin is slightly kissed by the sun. I can only imagine my desires burnt on that bronze over the years. The pleasures we have shard. The submissions she has bowed to me.

She handles my manhood with a bit more pressure. I moan softly. Almost a grunt. She lingers that stroke around the head of my cock. Fingers, fingernails tip-toeing the finality of her stroke. She works slowly back down. Licks the cum from my skin. Her tongue laps the salty protein that landed on my stomach just moments before. I awoke with a throbbing hard on. I thought it was after seven in the morning. To my surprise is was just forty-six minutes after midnight. We went to bed about an hours earlier. Both exhausted. Mentally. Physically. As I laid there in bed

my mind started to wander. I touched my cock. Stroked it a few times. It sent enticement to my brain. I did not want to wake her. I knew she had it rough sleeping the previous night. She needed her rest. I pointed my knees outward and brought my feet upward. I took the sheet down below my waistline. My hand travelled all around my manhood. My thighs. My thoughts flashed to her in the ocean. They remembered applying the sunscreen. The flirting way she bent over to retrieve a seashell for her collection. When we would wrap each other with arms and kiss. Many eyes gawking to either get a room or dreamed of the love we had.

My hand got carried away in her luminescence. I pumped rapidly. Moved my other hand to cup my balls. I felt that moment to the point of no return. I was not ready to explode but i knew the climax was eminent. My abs tightened. I lifted my back slightly off the bed. My crunch to ecstasy. That’s when she tossed over in bed and spooked me. I turned my legs and shot my knees straight up in the air. I was like a kid hiding from an opened door. With the startled moment i lost all control as the hot cum erupted in several small spasms. I held my shaft against my torso as it pooled that puddle she now licked. Her tongue felt so erotic inching across my flesh. Her hands orchestrating even more magic on that stiff pulse beating through my cock. She repositioned herself and straddled my chest. I felt the savagery burn from her as she rubbed it onto my chest. Her flashpoint was close to igniting. She raised her hips to show me the sweetness that escaped her. Her hair tickled my thighs as she took me inside her mouth. The heat almost made me cum right then. I grabbed for hips and she raised even higher. She wanted me to want her. She deprived me of her sexuality. She could garner that want I had for her. Fantasies she knew I yearn for. All that built up inside me throughout the day.

Her tongue salty with my cum spread it up and down my shaft wishing for a fresher seed to swallow. Her hands coerced my inner thighs to feel the power she had over me. I groaned loud turning my head from left to right. Again left. Right. My hands ran up her calves to just beneath the inferno she kept from my reach. I can see her arousal drip from those freshly shaved lips. Her swollen breasts dangled outside of arm length. Screaming at me. Demanding me to want them. To need them. I dug my nails into her flesh. I felt like i was tearing away her beauty. She sucked on my foreskin as she came off my cock with a loud smooch. I was beyond having any control and squealed loudly. She grabbed my balls with her left hand and stroked furiously with her right. She spoke with meaning. “Look into my pussy. Don’t you want me baby? Don’t you want to taste me ? To fuck me ? Tell me baby ?” Her hand glides off my head and mounts itself back on. Faster. Harder. Smoother. She moans “yes baby cum for me. Cum for momma!!” I lift my head up, my gut wrenches itself stiff, my legs freeze in a tightness. She screams “yes. Oh yes!!! You want to lick my pussy. See how wet i am. My pussy wants you to cum. Wants you to lick it.” She lowers her wetness down to my mouth. I immediately stab her with my tongue and fill her mouth with my explosion. I lose all sense of reality. My hips jump into her face. She sucks with great force. I feel her glands swallow with such strong contractions. The heat inside her mouth increased with my cum.

My mind, drunken in the apex of release, stops. Her sex rides my tongue. I grab her ass with what strength i have left. ‘Smack.’ She flex’s with pleasure. Again i slap her cheek and taste more of her. The room fills with a slurping sound as she devours the last droplets. Into her essence my tongue plunges. Deep thrusts into her core. I flicker her bud to a grinding orgasm. She collapses slightly forward, chest first onto me. Her hands grabbing my lower leg. She grabs me hard, brings me back from orbit. I continue to pleasure her orgasm until my lips are too sensitive for her.

The sun glares. In through the window. We awake in that same position. The aroma of her spent sex painted on me. I take a finger and slip it into her morning bloom. Gently circle her arousal until i enter freely. I watch as the juices lubricant my finger. I feel my cock push upward against her breasts. She stirs into a groggy state. I slide myself back from under her. Reposition my legs to kneel behind her. I kiss her back as she rises to join me. The touch of her skin would always petrify my cock. It stood erect and easily disappears into her lava. I hold her hips steady and push as deep as i can until my lower abdomen connects with her. My hips jolt her forward and she swings herself back to mash me deeper inside. Two powers collide as one. Skin smacks echo as we pound against together. Not able to get enough of this feeling. Her pussy takes my cock until my balls give her an extra slap. Pure carnal actions. Hard. Loud. I watch her ass absorb the thrusts i bolt into her. She reaches beneath us and grabs my balls tightly. She squeezes them in her hand. I groan and grunt at the same time. I feel like I might explode at any minute. Her release crashes down the walls holding my cock inside her. I ram forward into the tidal wave of her emotion. I pull her hips back hard with my hands and push deep into her core. I continue harshly while that hand grabs on to my balls. Short bursts of sound escape her as the short rapid thrusts fill her with my seed. I dramatically stop on the forward thrusts as the warmth boils with her orgasm. After three or four pauses i gently marinate our juices and ease her forward onto the bed. I rest upon her back and we soon end up in a frontal hug. Our lips touch. Soft surreal emotions exchange from one to the other. They never get to a passionate session but are filled with nothing but love. She rests her head on my shoulder and i stroke her hair. My thoughts fly above the clouds and i ask myself, am i dreaming with this woman ?


Under My Skin

An essence claws from under

Ache is beyond words

Left so vulnerable

Pleasure becomes disease

Every curve

Every kiss

Every woman becomes my fix

Infatuated by their lure

Anyone can sway the balance

Every realm, there is no cure

Only touch heals thy wounds

Sickness slithers to regret

Dreams open doors

Left alone with desire

My existence awaits you

An addict to my needs.

Succumb to what is under my skin