Sunday Morning Delight

Kisses that playfully tease

Passion that buckles your knees

A tongue that will only please




In between thighs

With parched lips

Surrounded by sighs

Are my steadfast sips


Blinded By Lure

May my tongue be a thousand fingers and my fingers a thousand tongues

Like a tattoo that forever saturates pleasure into your flesh

Intertwined, the spent energy, the endless parade, marches without end

Embers awake, they combust, erupt into flames from this endless ache.

May your body be one with my lips as my kisses become your body

The sensations upon your skin, aroused from my lustful touch

Obsession becomes control, hunger becomes feast; feast becomes obsession

We are the prisoners, who lost restraint, stripped naked; our sanity

May your tears become my heart and your soul become my screams

Drenched in the aftermath, where needs are stitched into a quilt of ecstasy

Blinded by your lure until we have fed