An Afternoon Shower

 The stay at home housewives, retired women, widowers all chatted about the corner house.

“She was too young to move into such a neighborhood as ours.”

“She can barely afford the place. It always looks rough around the edges.”

“The house is a castle and she in no Cinderella.”

“She is never home, always working.”

“What a disgrace to have the value of our properties decrease because of one rotten apple.”

This went on for weeks, months, even years. The women walked the quiet streets to exercise and would always grumble as they passed by “her” corner.

One day in mid-August, it all changed, when a caravan of work trucks and trailers dirtied their beloved swept roads. It disturbed birds and dogs barked in the distance. Loud diesel motors and back-up beepers polluted the air. They converged on both sides of the corner, all with a mission. There was tree cutters who started to climb trees and cut away at the sky. The chain saws buzzed like pollinating bees on a spring day. Excruciating noise erupted as huge steel blades turn trees into mulch.

The pool company revved up the small backhoe and cleared an oval landing pad for a swimming pool. They used a mini excavator that dug into the earth, shaking, bouncing and rattling the whole time. Dump truck after dump spewed piles of gravel and stone that the machine scooped with the bucket. The unforgiving metal scraping was like nails on a chalkboard. With such a machine, the guys quickly moved it into the back. By that afternoon you could not tell they were there.

This was the most excitement these ladies had seen in many years. Not since those guys from Michigan came and repaired the telephone pole after that tornado devoted the area just south of them. Today, those bored ladies walked three times around the block. After a morning of checking the mailbox several times and peeking out the windows as if no one saw them. They made excuse after excuse to see what was happening at “her” corner.

The heavy equipment disappeared as quickly as it appeared in a few days. What they left behind was a backyard ready for a pool. The front of the house was a little more barren as the old pines were clipped from their roots and chopped into mulch right before your eyes. The corner was becoming a landscaped paradise.

Four days into the renovations they finally saw her car parked in the driveway. It was a blistering day with the heat index sky rocketing into triple digits. The pool company had just left as the midday sun chased them away. The neighborhood ladies club complained how the asphalt just burned the soles of their designer shoes.

They did witness and commented amongst themselves on her awful short, tattered jeans, manly hiking boots and too thin of a tank top for a woman that developed. Not that she was busting out of the skimpy shirt but gravity and age did not catch up with her as it did them. She wore a wide brim hat that shaded her face.

“Why, on earth was she wearing those heavy construction gloves?”

The ladies paid even closer attention to the only man helping her this afternoon. Shirtless, sun bronzed torso, tight blue jeans with just the right amount of dust and dirt on them. He had the cutest grin the ladies only saw on those beach commercials during their soap operas.

The two worked side by side from just after lunch to around five o’clock. They were never gone from the work and the filth and grime of gardening showed it. The sweat beaded and dried upon their skin. They stood in between the fence posts that were waiting for their foundations to dry and the white fencing to be installed.

They were talking when the skies abruptly darkened with what looked like a passing thunderstorm. He began to gather some of the tools that would get ruined by the rain. She took off her hat and opened her arms to feel relief from this southern heat.

It started with big drops of rain. Slowly, seconds apart from each other, they crashed to the ground. She welcomed the droplets on her tongue and exhaled as the drops did not burn like a candle but chilled like ice down her cleavage.

Before long the raindrops were so heavy and rapid she was soaked. They fell with force that would make the average person duck and run. She remained standing with her arms outstretched. Her nipples perked through the thin shirt. She felt the freedom as she pulled the small piece over her head and tossed it on the post. The rain drenched her bare breasts as she showered in the yard.

He came walking over, they were connected by a stare and soon their lips. If they were talking, the rain was so loud and steady no one could not even make out what the other was trying to say. It really did not matter as they fused together, chest to chest, a slow dance within a kiss. Her hands became rakes and clawed down his back. He clutched her ass and wrung the water from her shorts. The rain was intense, however not even close to the intensity they shared showering half naked in the rain.

Every phone on the block was ringing, every curtain slightly peeled back. No one wanted to miss a second of this gossip.

Soon the two ran into the back yard. Splashing stomps through the landscape. They were concerned the pool liner was not setting correctly as the monsoon had begun to fill the pool. As she came up to the pool she slipped and fell into a muddy pile of top soil. She laughed and stood right up. She looked down at herself and shrugged her shoulders. She was a covered black lagoon monster. Without hesitation she stripped from her dirty clothes and the rain washed her naked skin clean.

He disposed of his work boots and the two climbed into the empty pool. They worked feverishly to set the liner the best they could as the rain continued its onslaught on them. Once the water level was ankle-deep they met in the middle and collapsed in a hug. Their lips connected once again and re-heated things up. Before long she was tossing his jeans out of the pool.

Two bodies beneath a darkened storm violently stroked one another. Deep with passion as if they were the only ones in the world. Rolling and groping each other as the shower cleansed their skin. Dirty sweat soon was a memory as hands grasped and mouths explored. They were not bashful and were over exceeding the ferocity of the storm.

Her screams of bliss cracked like thunder with her legs wrapped around his hips and her back against the side. He pleasured her with a fury of hard thrusts. Pleasure dripped from her as heaven cleansed their sins. Her moans echoed inside the aluminum walls. They lasted for as long as the afternoon shower allowed them.

As the rainbow crested above their sighs, orgasms bolted through them. Their quench for each others thirst was momentarily satisfied. As with quick moving southern storms, the clouds darkened with a silver lining once again and single drops of rain landed one by one all around them.

Soon they were splashing their love in the puddles again. It was an encore for the group of peeping Jane’s. The two were causing destruction over one another’s body beneath another afternoon shower.

@all photos found and blended from pinterest

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